Nefeli Dimitriadi is a virtual/ augmented/ mixed reality artist and director.

In 2020 she was elected as an Assistant Professor of “Virtual/ Augmented/ Mixed Reality and Cinema” in Film Department of School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Dr. Dimitriadi is entitled with a PhD in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of Art (University of Paris 8, 2008), a Master Degree in Visual Arts (University of Paris 8, 2003) and a Diploma in Fine Arts (School of Fine Arts, University of Aristotle of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002) and has a broad academic experience teaching at the Hellenic Open University in “Graphic Arts-Multimedia” and “Lighting Design-Multimedia Masters” (2017-2019), at the Department of Graphic Design and Optics of Univ. of West Attica (2018), at the Athens School of Fine Arts in the European Master “Art, Virtual Reality and Multiuser Systems of Artistic Expression” between ASFA and Univ. Paris 8 and the undergraduate course “Multimedia – Hypermedia and Video Art” (2011-2015 & 2018-2019), at the Ecole d’Architecture Nationale Supérieure Paris-Malaquais, in the intensive program “The Spatial Storytelling in real-time 3D Artistic Virtual Worlds  Theoretical and Practical Issues “(2016), and others.

Nefeli Dimitriadi has important professional experience in documentary and broadcasts production and direction, having worked in Los Angeles-based international audiovisual productions and as an on-the-road producer in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands for over 200 television episodes (2008-2013), while also directing domestic TV documentaries in the context of disseminating European project results (2012-2018).

N. Dimitriadi has many years of experience in producing virtual reality applications as Director of NOUS VR Ltd. (2012-2019) and is the coordinator of REACT “Virtual Reality Applications in Medical Rehabilitation” project implemented by the Medical School of UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, STRATIS Ltd and NOUS VR (2018-2021), funded by EU program Research-Create-Innovate.

Also, Nefeli Dimitriadi has been coordinator of European inter-university programs and summer universities, as well as worked on research projects, such as the ASFA ERASMUS + @postasis project (2019), “Greek Digital Culture” project (2006) and others, and as curator of art events and festivals, such as “The Age of Space: Electric and Electronic Art in Greece a 1957-1989 “(2017), and coordinator of international conferences, such as “Gaming Realities International Conference” for Mediaterra festival (2006).

The research work of Dr. Dimitriadi has been published in 31 scientific papers and articles in international conferences and scientific publications, such as: IEEE VR 2015 in France (2015), ICALT – 7th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Japan (2007) and others, ans she is co-author of an educational publication on the subject of digital art and  virtual reality worlds published in 2015 by the Greek Academic Electronic Journals and Aids (Action: KALLIPOS).

Nefeli Dimitriadi’s artwork includes works of virtual, augmented and mixed reality and has been presented at 29 exhibitions and international festivals, such as: augmented reality project Eden PoVs (KINONO festival, Tinos, 2018), virtual reality installation PLANESCAPES (solo exhibition, Ileana Tounta, 2016), Virtual Reality Collaborative project Epilogi in Crisis, (Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis International, Hellenic American Union, Athens, 2015), project selected as a demo by VR experts Oculus Rift & Lumen Prize International Digital Art Awards, project CELLUTOPIA, (Computational Aesthetics, London, UK, 2010), multimedia show Balcony (Young Mediterranean Artists Biennale, 2003), and others.