About Nefeli Dimitriadi

nefeliPortretDr. Nefeli-Maria Dimitriadi is Visual, Multimedia and Virtually Reality Artist, researcher, and Independent Director-Producer of audiovisual and virtual reality media.

Dr. N Dimitriadi is entitled with a PhD in Art and Technology (University of Paris 8, 2008), a Master’s Degree (DEA) in Visual Arts (University of Paris 8, 2003) and a Diploma in Fine Arts (School of Fine Arts, University of Aristotle of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002).

Dr. Dimitriadi is Member of Educational Personnel of Hellenic Open University in postgraduate programs Graphic Arts – Multimedia MA (Subject Area: Informatics – Multimedia) and Lighting Design MA, and Adjunct Professor of Athens School of Fine Arts, with a five years academic teaching experience (2009-2015| 2018-) teaching  in the European Master between Athens School of Fine Arts and University Paris 8 “Art and Virtual Reality, in the course Multimedia-Hypermedia and Video-Art of Athens School of Fine Arts, as well as in the course: Production of multimedia content, in the European Master of Department of Informatics of the Technical Educational Institute of Athens, whist she has delivered the Intensive Programme “Spatial narration in real-time 3D artistic virtual worlds: theory and practice” at Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture Paris Malaquais (2/2016) and  in the Summer School and Think-Tank GAIIA “Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry & Arts”, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, co-organised by the Centre for Robotics of MINES ParisTech (PSL Research University and the research group “Images Numériques et Réalité Virtuelle” of the Paris 8 University (Intervention title: “Creating VR experiences: immersion and embodiment”).

Also, in 2014 she received the academic certification “qualification” from the French Ministry of Culture for the position of Assistant Professor in the domain 18: Arts.

Dr. Dimitriadi has been the Coordinator of several trans-University Programs and Summer Universities focused on multimedia-hypermedia and she has worked in research programs, such as: VALab – Virtual Artistic Laboratory for Athens School of Fine Arts, research for the development of a 3D collaborative multi-user platform for remote artistic creation(2014), Program Development of e-learning system and tele-conference for Athens School of Fine Arts (2007), Program “Greek Digital Culture”, Fournos center for digital culture (2005), and she has delivered educational seminars, such as: “Management of Audio-visual material and use of new technologies for the promotion of art-works”, MOKΕ (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit), Athens School of Fine Arts (2014), and others.

Ν. Dimitriadi has also worked as editor in magazines, publications and web-sites, as well as in the coordination of International Conferences and Festivals, such as: Coordination of “Gaming realities” international conference in Mediaterra art and technology festival (2006), and others.

Ν. Dιmitriadi has significant professional experience in Media Productions, working as Producer-Director and creative editor in international broadcast media productions, collaborating with teams all over the world (2008-2013), for TPRF Foundation based in Los Angeles, USA and WOPG TV Productions Inc. based in the Netherlands and she has produced more than 200 webcast and broadcast episodes.

N. Dimitriadi has also worked as Project manager in EU funded programs, and currently she is the Coordinator of “Virtual Reality applications in Medical Rehabilitation”  REACT (viRtualrEAlitymediCalrehabiliTation) Eu funded research project between School of Medicine of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and NOUS VR Productions.

As an artist she presented in a solo exhibition her Art-VR installation PLANESCAPES in Oct. 2016 in Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, and she has participated in 25 international exhibitions and festivals, such as: Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis 2015, University of Athens at Hellenic-American Union, 2010 Computational Aesthetics Digital Art exhibition in British Computer Society BCS in London, Mediaterra International Art and Technology festival 2004 in Athens, Bienalle of Young Artists in Mediterranean 2003 and others, and she has been member of organizational and scientific committees, such as Scientific committee for International festival Art and Technology Mediaterra.

As a researcher she has participated with 24 academic papers in International Conferences and publications, such as: IEEE VR 2015, Arles, Camargue, Provence, 2015, 7th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies ICALT 2007 in Niigata, Japan, 2007, and others, whilst she is co-author of the educational book about Digital Arts published in 2015 by Greek Academic Electronic Publications (Action: KALLIPOS).

Dr. Dimitriadi’s scientific contribution in the field of digital arts is recognized by the results of her PhD thesis, her participation at several Scientific Committees, her contribution as Coordinator of research and trans-university programs leading to the development of innovative educational tools for research and collaborative artistic creation and a number of papers, presentations, invited talks and seminars on the subject of collaborative artistic creation, digital on-line communities, virtual worlds and auto-evolving systems.

Dr. Dimitriadi’s current research areas are: creating immersive VR experiences,   virtual worlds aesthetics, virtual scenography and landscape (virtual “topiographia”), augmented reality in art, and interactive and multi-user narratives.

Nefeli Dimitriadi is Managing Director and Executive Producer of NOUS Virtual Reality Productions (www.nousvr.com)– Innovative Social Solutions Ltd, based in Athens, Greece.